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          Sync Representation

          Get paid for using your music in TV, Film, Commercials, Promos, Trailers and Video Games.

          Streaming and sales are only one of the many avenues of income available to musicians. Sync Licensing, is a great way to earn significant money while simultaneously helping build your profile as an artist.

          As a Symphonic Distribution client, you will have the opportunity to apply for representation by our in-house sync licensing division, Bodega Sync. If accepted, Bodega will help place your music by pitching to music supervisors and advertising agencies, negotiate licensing deals, complete all the licensing paperwork and make sure you get paid properly.

          Featured Placements

          Symphonic Sync Placement 1
          Symphonic Sync Placement 2
          Symphonic Sync Placement 3
          Symphonic Sync Placement 4
          Symphonic Sync Placement_
          Symphonic Sync Placement 6
          Symphonic Sync Placement 5
          Symphonic Sync Placement
          Symphonic Sync
          Symphonic Sync_