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          Monetize Your Soundcloud Profile

          Maximize the potential revenue you can make with the evolving streaming platform.

          Monetize Your Soundcloud

          Services Details:

            • Monetization of your main label or artist profiles

            • No additional sign up fee and you earn 70% of all royalties

            • Ability to monetize multiple profiles under your account

            • Distribution into the Soundcloud “Go” platform (Optional)

            • Pre-clearance of tracks with help of our support staff

            • Monthly statements & payments along with other DSPs

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          Essential Monetization Facts:

          • Users hear ads while playing your music on mobile and more

          • Whitelisting = no copyright issues preventing you to upload

          • Pre-clearance ensures your publishing is properly setup.

          • Monetization only available in current territories

          • We will ensure your track stays online during clearance

          • Service is similar to YouTube but with different processes.

          • Monetize your profile only and/or include Soundcloud Go

          • We help along the way to ensure you can maximize revenue.

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