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          Digital Distribution

          Distribution of your music to the largest network in the world. 120+ stores and streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more. Plus, we are a preferred Apple Partner!


          Symphonic offers comprehensive catalog management, along with royalty and analytic tools for today’s record labels, artists, and managers alike. Our mission is to give artists and their teams the tools they need to achieve bigger and better things than ever.

          Music Video Distribution

          Let us deliver your video(s) to the most important video destinations, including VEVO, iTunes, and Tidal. Upload once, and we’ll deliver it everywhere starting at $95 per video.

          Music Distribution, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion


          Take your release to the next level with access to high-quality marketing services including?digital marketing,?social media optimization, branding,?creative design,?release design packages,?video design, advertising, playlist pitching,?and more. Stay on top of a constantly evolving market.

          Music Distribution, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion
          Music Distribution, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion

          Music Monetization

          Earn revenue from YouTube Content ID and your Soundcloud profile while ensuring your copyrights are protected, plus we offer YouTube Channel Management and YouTube Optimization.

          Rights Management

          Exploit your music potential while you collect every cent you’ve earned from it. We offer Publishing Administration, Neighboring Rights and Sync Representation. Additionally, we offer the ability for you to copyright your music!

          Music Distribution, label services, music marketing, playlist promotion

          Physical Distribution

          Get your vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and cassettes into over 3,000 brick and mortar retailers and web stores across North America and beyond.


          The quality of your music matters just as much as your image. Symphonic For Production is our official Production oriented brand that provides Comprehensive Mastering, a Sample Pack Retail Store (allowing you to download today’s most cutting edge sounds and software), and much more.

          New Media Distribution

          Already adding to our extensive partnerships, Symphonic focuses on new styles of media that can be distributed. Sample Packs, Ringtones, and, the distribution of licensed cover songs are available if accepted.