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          Physical Distribution

          Get your music into 3,000+ brick and mortar retailers and web stores across North American and beyond.

          Physical Distribution Services

          We understand that physical distribution is still an important part of artist and label development. As a Symphonic client, we can help you get your vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and cassettes to over 3,000+ retail outlets.


          Big-box Stores

          Chain Stores

          Independent Retailers

          Non-Traditional Outlets

          Web Stores

          And many, many more…..

          Artists & Labels must first be accepted as a digital distribution client to be eligible to apply for physical distribution.


          It all begins with getting your product made. If you are already pressing your own discs then great! But if you’re new to the game, we can help you find the right supplier. Our partners offer:

          • Vinyl Recording Pressing
          • Deluxe Packaging
          • CD Replication
          • Cassette Duplication
          • DVD/Blu-Ray/Cassette
          • Merchandise and Apparel
          • Standard Printing

          Retail Marketing and Co-Op Advertising

          In addition to distribution services, we also offer a myriad of retail marketing and co-op advertising opportunities including some of the following:offer:

          • Endcap Positioning
          • Listening Posts
          • Email Newsletters
          • Social Media Posts
          • Sale Pricing
          • Print Advertising
          • Billboards
          • Independent Retail Coalition Programs