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          Kari Faux

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          We aimed to launch Kari Faux’s new album CRY 4 HELP to her existing audience as well as expand to new fans across all digital platforms including streaming services and social channels.


          Label: Kari Faux
          Genre: Hip Hop/R&B

          Marketing Campaign

          • Implemented listening tools – Tubular, Chartmetric, etc. to identify and target audience for campaigns
          • Release week NYC press + DSP run: NPR, Genius, Spotify, Beats 1, Sway In The Morning, Tidal
          • Targeted music video roll out for “LEAVE ME ALONE” and “NIGHT TIME”
          • Advertising across social channels and DSPs including Spotify and Youtube


          • Lead single, “LEAVE ME ALONE” featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday and Mellow Bars
          • “MEDICATED” featured on Spotify’s premier fresh music playlist Pollen
          • 1.35M streams on Spotify in an 8 week period post-album release (March 8 2019)
          • Homepage takeover on Spotify
          • Cover feature on Tidal’s RISING: R&B and Hip Hop (Video) for “NIGHT TIME” and “LEAVE ME ALONE” official music videos
          • Vinyl pressing deal with our partner VNYL to fully fund 1000 unit production and distribution?
          • Top tier press features including Pitchfork (7.4), The Fader, Complex and NPR
          • 17% social follower increase and 50% engagement increase across all platforms
          • Spotify monthly listeners doubled from 139k – 260k and followers increased 21% from 33k – 40k
          • Youtube channel engagement increased by 312% through targeted ad campaign and video strategy

          Playlist Pickup

          New Music Friday

          “LEAVE ME ALONE”



          Mellow Bars

          “IN THE AIR”

          Mellow Bars

          “LEAVE ME ALONE”

          Black Girl Magic

          “LEAVE ME ALONE”

          TIDAL Rising: Hip-Hop

          “LEAVE ME ALONE”

          Future Soul

          “LEAVE ME ALONE”

          TIDAL Rising: Hip-Hop (Video)

          “LEAVE ME ALONE”

          TIDAL Rising: R&B (Video)

          “NIGHT TIME”

          Lyrical Ladies

          “IN THE AIR”

          Chill R&B

          “LEAVE ME ALONE”

          Best of the Week

          “LEAVE ME ALONE”

          Nadeska Alexis’s Playlist

          “LEAVE ME ALONE”

          Features & Store Placements

          New Releases Main

          Homepage Takeover

          New Releases Hip-Hop

          Press Highlights

          Things get eerie in Kari Faux’s new “NIGHT TIME” video

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